Whirling pleasure on the high seas

Luxury liner Celebrity Solstice fitted with Kaldewei whirl baths

Celebrity Solstice, the biggest cruise ship ever built in Germany, offers a very special and unique spa pleasure: ten balconies on the luxury liner have been fitted with top quality whirl baths so the guests who occupy these suites can enjoy the ocean views from the luxury of their whirl baths. The type Conoduo baths measure 190 x 90 cm, and are made by Kaldewei, Europe’s no. 1 in baths. They are made of steel enamel, and have received the red dot Design Award. The fitted Vivo Turbo whirl system meets the highest standards for hygiene, which makes it ideal for use in hotel bathrooms. The secret: the system has no pipes. This eliminates the need for chemical disinfection - always an advantage, whether on land or at sea.

Certified hygiene for guests and the environment

The superlative hygiene properties of the Vivo Turbo system have recently been certified by the LGA/TÜV Rhineland Group to standards EN 12764:2008 and the corresponding standard for Austria, ÖNORM M 6222-1:2008/section 7. Amongst other points, these standards set the requirements for the condition of the bath water and the bath's hygiene features. The Vivo Turbo Plus system also received the certificate. Kaldewei is to date the only manufacturer to receive this important certification for its whirl baths.

The whirl balconies on the Celebrity Solstice are in its unique "Aqua Class". Aqua Class is intended specifically for wellness-orientated cruise passengers, and includes exclusive access to an extremely luxurious spa area. Tom Fecke, Celebrity Line's general manager for Germany and Switzerland, explained their reasons for choosing Kaldewei whirl baths: "We wanted the absolute best quality for the interior of the Celebrity Solstice, which is why we made sure we had Kaldewei's elegant whirl baths on board. With them, we are able to offer our guests an exclusive bathing experience." Fitting the whirl baths on the balconies was a particularly challenging undertaking: the panelling and a number of other parts had to be made specially for the ship because they were going to be in close proximity to salt water and the elements. Like all Kaldewei whirl baths, these Conoduo designs also have the self-cleaning pearl effect and a 30-year guarantee. The pearl effect makes sure that water rolls effortlessly down the sides of the bath, taking practically every single tiny dirt particle with it.

Other luxury ships being planned with Kaldewei

The Celebrity Solstice is due to set sail on her maiden voyage from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 23 November, and from 2009 will be cruising the Caribbean regularly. The facilities on the 321-m long, 37-m wide ship include a golf course (with real grass), a large theatre and ten restaurants. The 1430 cabins will accommodate some 2900 passengers. The Solstice is the first of five ships that the Celebrity shipping line is planning for the coming years. The company is planning more of the same, with equally luxurious interiors. According to the current plans, the sister ships will also be putting to sea with Kaldewei whirl baths.

Kaldewei regularly supplies the best hotels in the world with its steel enamel baths and shower trays - most recently the Four Seasons Resort on Mauritius and the Armani Hotel in Dubai. Kaldewei spokesman Marcus Möllers: "Our baths are to be found in the world's most luxurious hotels. We are proud and delighted to have been able to provide them for one of the most beautiful cruise ships. And who wouldn't want to watch the sun set into the ocean - from a Kaldewei whirl bath?"

Source: Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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The Celebrity Solstice is the biggest cruise ship ever to have been built in Germany. Also on board: ten exclusive Kaldewei whirl baths.

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Exclusive whirling pleasure on the balconies of this luxury cruise ship: there's plenty of room in the Conoduo baths on board the Celebrity Solstice - measuring 190 x 90 cm - even for two!

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The ten Conoduo baths by Kaldewei on board the Celebrity Solstice are fitted with the Vivo Turbo whirl system. Very easy to use, the system is ideal for anything ranging from a gentle "stroking" to massages of larger areas of the body.

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